Latest News

11.October 2016

New Massive Tutorial is up!

“All we learned so far” just jump into it from the Tutorial page

08.October 2016

The Crackz section is closing, read more here

04. October 2016

New Tutorial is up!

“Thinking your way through”. Take a look in the Tutorial page

26.September 2016

New Tutorial is up!

Working with pointers this time. Take a look in the Tutorial page

19.September 2016

New Tutorial is up!! Take a look in the Tutorial page

14.September 2016:

Huge update on Books in Toolz section

07.September 2016:

After a good month online. It is time for some improvements  to the site.

In the future this startup site will show you the “Latest News”. Here I will write what I’m working on.

Some of you guys have asked for the possibility to read the tutorials without downloading. I’m working on making this possible, so when the next tutorial is up you can read it without downloading it or you can download it.

I hope you will like the changes. If you got some good ideas for the site please use the contact form and let me know.



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