Closing the Crack page

I have decide to close down the Crack page, because I simply don’t have the time to make new cracks when I use so much time writing tutorials( I use about 10-15 hours for writing a Tutorial). Since I started this blog I have been writing a tutorial a week. .

I really like writing tutorials and I will try to keep them coming in this same pace; once a week. As I can see from my visitors it is also the tutorials you guys are coming for, so I hope you will keep visiting the site and maybe follow me on twitter.

I will close the Crack page in the next week.

In the next month or so I will also decide if I should upgrade my WordPress account so you guys don’t have to see adds on the my site. My only problem is i don’t know if it is annoying or not for you guys.

If you have something to says about all this just let me know =)

By the way; you can look forward to the tutorial next week (hope to be publish on Tuesday) it is the longest tutorial I made so far, and the target is using some small anti patching tricks.

As always, I hope you like my site and learn something…



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