Here you can find a list of toolz I use almost every day.Here I also posted some books where you also can learn from ( When you are not sitting with my tutorials=).




Please remember this is just the toolz I use. there are lots of other possibilities out there. If you know a really good tool you think I should use please leave a comment.

  1. Debugger:
    1. Olly
    2. x64dbg (new)
    3. x32dbg(new)
  2. Web Debugger: Fiddler
  3. Disassembler: IDA V 6.6
  4. Decompiler :
    1. Flash decompiler Trillix
    2. Delphi decompiler Idr_AUX ( DeDe is to weak in my opinion )
    3. Net decompiler ILSPY Master (free and works like reflector)
    4. Java decompiler JD GUI
    5. VB decompiler Pro
  5. Hexeditor:
    1. CFF explore
    2. UltraEdit
    3. 010 Editor
  6. Patcher: dUP 2
    1. for making skins: RGNerator, Photoshop CS4
  7. Detector:
    1. Detect it easy 1.01 (works on 64 bit targets)
    2. Exeinfope (only works on 32 bit)
    3. PeID (only works on 32 bit)
    4. PiD (works on 32 and 64 bit)
  8.  Alter Resources
    1. Resource Hacker


 All the links is for download only you can’t read them online

      1. The Art of Assembly
        ( A old classic , but still really good for learning)
      2.  Assembly Language Step-by-Step – Programming with Linux
        (Assembly with Linux but in understanding assembly)
      3. Complete Guide to Code Caves
        ( very hands on to code caves)
      4. The Ultimate Anti-Debugging Reference
        (from 2011 but many of these check is stilled used)
      5. General Method of Program Code Obfuscation
        (The basic about Code Obfuscation)
      6. Reverse Engineering for Beginners
        (a good beginner book)
      7. Secrets_of_Reverse_Engineering
        (again a good beginner book again)
      8. Reverse Engineering Code With IDA Pro – Kaminsky
        (If you really want to Reverse with IDA This is the book)
      9. The IDA Pro Book – Chris Eagle
        (Another good book on IDA)
      10. The Art of unpacking
         (A must have for understanding unpacking)
      11. Anti-unpackers tricks
        (Good to know when unpacking)
      12. The Art Of Memory Forensics
        (Heavy reading almost 1000 page going deep into Memory)
      13. Debugging Microsoft dot net Applications
        (Book from 2005 using Visual studio for debugging)
      14. Practical Reverse Engineering – Bruce Dang (Epub)
        (Really Love this one for 32 and 64bit)
      15. The Ethical Hackers Handbook (Grey Hat)
        (Not about Reversed Engineering)
      16. Black Hat Python
        (Not about Reversed Engineering)


2 thoughts on “Toolz

  1. IDR, JD-GUI, Fiddler and VB Dec are very good choices [+ usual ollydbg/IDA and now soon-to-be-classic x64dbg], but you should consider an update (you’re using 2012 tools, now there are betters):
    – For Flash: JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler is far better than Trillix Flash Decompiler (despite the fact that it’s free)
    – For .NET: dnSpy is ways better than ILSpy (plus it’s written by .NET reversing god 0xd4d, and has a reaaallyyyy nice patching and especially .NET debugging system)
    – For patching: dUP is discontinued for AT4RE Patcher

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