Here  you can find a list of tutorials I made.

To the left you find download links for the pdf or rar files. You can now also read the new tutorials right here on the site. Just select the one you like further down.

I would like to point out that the best way to learn is to try to crack the target by yourself first and den read the tutorial. All the tutorials on my site can be completed with the toolz from my toolz page.

Remember there are always more than one way to crack a target.

If you are totally new to cracking I would recommend you to start with “Randoms” Tutorials. I made a collection with all his tutorials and files. get it here.  You may also like to take a look at the books on the Toolz page.

Tutorial #14   Patching deeper in the code

Tutorial #15   Patching a target protected by IntelliProtector

Tutorial #16   Two ways to patch a target ( Looking into SBB and NEG commands)

Tutorial #17    Going Deep, Working With Pointers

Tutorial #18    Thinking your way through

Tutorial #19     All we have learned our hardest patch so far



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